Formia Design approached VICI for a redesign of their current site which happened to be on the verge of crashing. The site was growing a database of self uploads from clients that was increasing server costs and maintenance. We worked with the owner to develop a system to streamline their flow of order processing and delivery. The true problem here was to include a RFQ (Reqeust For Quote) element that would allow for clients to send in their artwork and Formia could immediately estimate and manage the request.

Screen Shot 2018-12-11 at 12.31.16 PM.png


The old WordPress based site was not functioning properly due to the unlimited uploads that were hitting the site daily. The old system was also using a “product” as the estimate payment rather than a developed system.


By implementing the plugin RFQ Toolkit we were able to receive, review, estimate and track all orders. All while processing orders that were live purchases not needing to be price reviewed.

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We chose the Shopkeeper® theme to bring a clean responsive design to the website. Now Formia Designs can display the beauty and detail of their craft.