BB Aesthetic Airport Advertisement Campaign

Dedicated to enhancing patient care through advanced and personalized medical services.


 VICI designed captivating advertisements for BB Aesthetic, displayed prominently at John Glenn Columbus International Airport. This campaign was strategically crafted to engage travelers with visually striking imagery and compelling messaging, highlighting BB Aesthetic’s top-rated services in beauty and wellness.

Key Project Highlights

  • Created high-impact visual ads that effectively communicated the brand’s message to a diverse airport audience.
  • Utilized strategic placement within the airport to maximize visibility and attract potential clients.
  • Developed visually engaging ads that integrated interactive elements, encouraging travelers to learn more about BB Aesthetic’s services through QR codes linked to exclusive airport offers.
  • Coordinated with airport media teams to ensure ads were placed in high-traffic areas, leading to greater exposure during peak travel times.
  • Monitored engagement through tracking codes, which showed a significant uptick in both direct inquiries and follow-up visits to the BB Aesthetic website post-exposure.


Health and Beauty


Columbus, Ohio


Advertisement Design


Adobe Creative Suite


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