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BB Aesthetic® is a top rated medical spa located in Gahanna, OH. We focus on anti-aging, beauty and wellness.  


In the creative pursuit of digital innovation, VICI triumphantly undertook the development and launch of the BB Aesthetic mobile app—a bespoke and streamlined digital solution tailored for a refined medical spa nestled in Gahanna, Ohio. Our journey with this project commenced on both Google and App platforms, where the elegance of functionality met the sophistication of design. Our goal transcended beyond mere development; we aimed to infuse the app with features that not only enhanced user interaction but also seamlessly integrated with BB Aesthetic’s intrinsic systems. The highlight of our endeavor was the harmonization of their Havoc point system with the app—a task as challenging as it was rewarding.

Mobile app features include:

  • An intuitive user interface with easy login, sign-up, and service search capabilities, adorned with appealing icons representing various service categories.
  • A dynamic slider, meticulously designed to exhibit monthly specials and new services, enabling timely updates that align with the beauty sector’s ever-evolving landscape.
  • Real-time updates of the embedded bonus and beauty blogs, powered by a sophisticated connection with WordPress, ensuring that the mobile experience reflects the most current content.
  • Direct booking functionality that smoothly transitions users to BB Aesthetic’s booking system via Acuity, showcasing our knack for integrating complex third-party services.
  • Comprehensive contact information and additional resources like financing options and terms and conditions, aimed at alleviating front desk pressures and elevating the client service journey. 

Our meticulous efforts have rendered the BB Aesthetic mobile app an epitome of digital elegance, paralleling the distinguished aura of our previous print advertisement feat in Vogue. With this app, we’ve not only achieved an enhanced user experience but also demonstrated how VICI elegantly bridges the gap between physical luxury services and their digital counterparts.

The BB Aesthetic mobile app is a reflection of VICI’s unwavering commitment to innovating with purpose and creating digital masterpieces that resonate with the ethos of premium brands.


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