BB Aesthetic Membership Program

BB Aesthetic membership system

BB Aesthetic® is a top rated medical spa located in Gahanna, OH. We focus on anti-aging, beauty and wellness.

Set up a membership system using and WordPress!

The introduction of the BB Beauty Bank required a sophisticated membership system, that required a blend of WooCommerce subscriptions and WordPress functionalities. VICI’s team, was entrusted with the task of designing and implementing this intricate system, tailored to the unique requirements of BB Aesthetic.

Development of Intuitive Membership System

VICI conducted a thorough analysis of BB Aesthetic’s business needs and customer preferences, leading to a collaborative design phase for an intuitive membership system. Utilizing WooCommerce Subscriptions and WordPress, the team developed a user-friendly interface with secure payments, streamlined registration, and flexible, customizable membership options to enhance user experience.

Comprehensive Analysis: Initiated with a detailed analysis of BB Aesthetic’s business model and customer preferences to ensure the membership system aligns perfectly with user needs.

Collaborative Design Process: Worked closely with BB Aesthetic to develop a user-friendly interface that simplifies navigation and enhances user engagement.

Integration of WooCommerce Subscriptions: Utilized WooCommerce Subscriptions to implement flexible and personalized membership plans that cater to varying customer needs.

Streamlined Registration and Payment: Integrated secure payment gateways and streamlined the registration process, making it easy for users to sign up and maintain their memberships.

Customizable Membership Options: Provided options for customization within the membership plans, allowing members to choose rewards and services that best fit their needs.


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