BPerryman Shooting Camp Poster Design 2023

Elevating youth basketball through engaging and dynamic camp experiences.


VICI designed a vibrant and engaging poster for the 2023 BPerryman Shooting Camp, aiming to attract young athletes and highlight the camp’s offerings. The design featured dynamic imagery and energetic typography that captures the excitement of the camp, effectively communicating key information and session dates.

Key Project Highlights

  • Utilized bold graphics and action shots to draw attention and convey the intensity of the camp.
  • Incorporated clear, informative text layouts to ensure essential details were easily accessible.
  • Employed a color scheme that reflects the energetic and positive atmosphere of the camp.

This demonstrates VICI’s ability to create promotional materials that not only capture attention but effectively communicate the spirit and values of youth sports programs.


Sports and Recreation


United States


Graphic Design


Adobe Creative Suite



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