Churchill Leadership Group Poster Design Series

Unleashing leadership potential with impactful coaching and development services.


VICI developed a compelling series of posters for Churchill Leadership Group, aimed at promoting their specialized coaching services for executives and teams. Each poster was meticulously designed to capture the essence of Churchill’s impact on leadership and team development, utilizing bold visuals and inspiring quotes to convey the transformative experiences offered. The campaign combined strategic marketing insights with creative design principles, resulting in a powerful visual representation of Churchill’s commitment to nurturing top-tier leadership skills.

Key Project Highlights

  • Tailored each poster to highlight different aspects of Churchill’s coaching services, such as individual executive coaching, team effectiveness, and leadership skills development, ensuring messages were targeted and relevant.
  • Employed a sophisticated color palette and modern design elements to align with Churchill’s brand identity, reinforcing their position as a premier provider of leadership solutions.
  • Managed the production and distribution of the poster series across multiple channels, achieving significant visibility in targeted corporate environments.
  • Monitored engagement metrics post-distribution, which indicated an increase in inquiries and program sign-ups directly attributed to the campaign’s influence.


Professional Development and Coaching


United States


Graphic Design
Creative Strategy


Adobe XD


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