ECS, a segment of ASGN (NYSE: ASGN) headquartered in Fairfax, Virginia, is a leading provider of solutions in science, engineering, and advanced technologies including cloud, cybersecurity, Artificial Intelligence (AI), data, and enterprise transformation solutions.

The Brief

How VICI Supercharged ECS's Client Engagement through the Power of Stunning Webpages!

ECS Tech, a trailblazer in IT, was seeking a website to convey their tech insights revolving around the topics like cybersecurity nuances, how to reduce Federal Cyber Risks, women in STEM, etc

Blog pages around


Transformation solutions


Virginia, USA


Web Development




Developed Web pages to Increase Digital Presence

VICI collaborated with ECS Tech to create a web presence for all the topics ECS wanted to excel digitally. We developed a web page for one of their exceptional segment ‘Wine About Cybercrime’ podcast. Developed another web page, revolving around the topic of, “operational visibility: Reducing Federal Cyber Risks”. In tandem, we’ve illuminated the pivotal role of women in STEM by creating captivating web pages, forging a brighter future in technology.

Increase in unique visitors to the website.

Performance increase in page engagement on the blog section.

Built a real estate website in less than two months that connects to MLS listings

Built a real estate website in less than two months that connects to MLS listings

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