ERP Connect Consulting Website Migration

ERP Connect Consulting specializes in enhancing D365 Business Central functionalities with their innovative BC Toolbox.


VICI successfully led the migration of ERP Connect Consulting’s website from WordPress to Shopify, enhancing its performance and user experience. The project involved a strategic overhaul to improve site management and scalability, aligning with the client’s growth in providing productivity and automation tools for D365 Business Central. This transition not only streamlined their service offerings but also optimized their e-commerce capabilities.

Key Project Highlights

  • Seamlessly migrated extensive product databases and customer information, ensuring zero downtime and data integrity.
  • Customized Shopify functionalities to support ERP-specific features, facilitating better customer engagement and sales conversions.
  • Implemented advanced SEO strategies, significantly boosting the site’s visibility and search engine rankings.


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