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Introducing Hera, the Newest Registry Platform to Combat Vacant and Abandoned Properties Vacant and abandoned properties are a major problem for municipalities and government agencies across the nation. To help combat these issues, Hera has just launched a new registry platform designed to help cities and agencies keep track of vacant and abandoned properties in their area. Hera was designed with municipalities and government agencies in mind, offering a simple and efficient way to manage and maintain a registry of vacant and abandoned properties. With Hera, cities and agencies can quickly and easily register and take payments for properties throughout the United States.

VICI Web Design and Marketing was proud to be a part of the Hera project, providing the technical expertise and design capabilities needed to bring the registry platform to life. We worked with the Hera team to develop a platform that was both intuitive and user-friendly, ensuring that cities and agencies could quickly and easily register and take payments for properties.


 The Hera platform is now available to cities and agencies across the US, and is already proving to be an invaluable resource in helping to combat the issue of vacant and abandoned properties. We’re proud to have been a part of this important project and look forward to seeing the positive impact it will make around the country.

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