Macnaught USA Bundle Plugin Development

Macnaught USA: Delivering precision fluid handling solutions across the Americas.


VICI designed a custom bundle plugin for Macnaught USA, revolutionizing their e-commerce strategies by enabling effective upsells. This plugin intelligently suggests complementary products, enhancing customer experience and increasing sales. The successful integration of this plugin has led to notable improvements in transaction values and customer engagement.

Key Project Highlights

  • Developed a sophisticated algorithm that suggests relevant product bundles at critical points in the customer journey.
  • Seamlessly integrated the plugin with Macnaught’s existing WooCommerce platform, maintaining user experience continuity.
  • Conducted extensive user testing to optimize the bundling process, ensuring maximum uptake and satisfaction.
  • Monitored performance post-launch to tweak and improve the offering based on real user feedback, leading to sustained improvements in sales metrics.


Industrial Manufacturing


Florida, USA


E-commerce Development


Custom PHP Development


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