Client & Problem

Update Shopify Site Theme and Fix Products

In 2021 we were contacted by the owners of a New York based Antique Gas Pump Globe & Restoration Supply Company to help them refresh their outdated Shopify E-Commerce Website. Their vast product catalog of unique products were not seeing the online traffic they would expect from some of their “hard to find” products. They also felt their current theme was outdated and needed to be updated without having to invest most of their yearly earnings in a new website.


Our team did an initial analysis of the website and found some major issues with the not only the menu setup but also with the product organization. 90% of the 180+ products were not being seen due to improper initial setup. We also determined a new Shopify 2.0 theme would freshen the look and improve the overall client experience in searching for PERGL’s products.


After presenting our plan with budget and timeline clearly established we were able to cleanup the complete catalog and fix all the menu issues in the previous build. The new theme was installed and retrofitted to the current pages.
After 6 months the client has seen the following results:

  • 36% increase in sales
  • 10% increase in store sessions
  • 26% increase in average order value

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