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Guiding professionals through transformative career coaching and development.


VICI meticulously crafted a sophisticated website for Sacred Time to enhance their mission of fostering career growth through expert coaching and leadership training. Our design strategy was centered around creating an accessible and engaging platform that simplifies the user journey from initial inquiry to active engagement with coaching services. The website was structured to provide a deep dive into various professional development paths, enriched with interactive tools and a wealth of resources that encourage ongoing learning and self-improvement.


Key Project Highlights

  • Integrated advanced scheduling functionalities to streamline the booking of coaching sessions. – Developed an interactive user dashboard that allows clients to track their progress, access resources, and manage their training schedules.
  • Enhanced the visual appeal with custom graphics that resonate with professional audiences, creating a welcoming and professional online environment. 
  • Deployed a customized user interface that allows for personalized interactions based on user preferences and history, enhancing the overall user experience. 
  • Implemented a modular content structure that adapts to user needs, offering tailored coaching paths and resources that align with individual professional goals. 
  • Integrated a series of webinars and interactive workshops directly accessible through the website, facilitating real-time learning and engagement. 
  • Developed a comprehensive client management system that enables efficient tracking of client progress and history, ensuring that coaches can provide targeted and effective support.


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