Susie’s Scones Website Design and Development

From family tradition to your table: Experience the joy of Susie’s homemade scones, lovingly crafted in Haymarket, VA.


VICI skillfully crafted the online presence for Susie’s Scones using Squarespace, delivering a platform that radiates the homemade charm of their bakery. The website’s design is both inviting and user-friendly, showcasing a diverse selection of scone flavors and simplifying the ordering process for an enhanced customer experience.

Key Project Highlights

  • Enhanced the visual storytelling of the site with custom photography that highlights the texture and variety of the scones, significantly boosting customer appeal and interaction.
  • Streamlined the e-commerce process with user-friendly functionalities, including a customizable order system that allows customers to mix and match flavors, increasing average order value.
  • Developed a clean, modern website layout that aligns with the Susie’s Scones brand, reinforcing their market identity.
  • Integrated a user-centric design with improved navigation and mobile responsiveness, facilitating a better browsing and shopping experience.
  • Utilized custom graphics and branding elements that reflect the artisanal quality of the scones, strengthening brand recognition and customer loyalty.

These expanded sections give a fuller picture of the strategic and creative efforts that went into enhancing Susie’s Scones’ online presence, ultimately leading to a significant boost in customer engagement and sales.


Haymarket, Virginia, USA


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