X-Officio Charlottesville, VA WordPress Redesign

X-Officio Charlottesville, VA WordPress Redesign

X-Officio, a leading provider of Investment operations services. Xofficio provides a solid foundation for supporting the key functions of the investment office.

The Brief

Migrated and Revamped X-Officio's WordPress Site to a Secure Server

Local Operations Company X-Officio reached out to VICI to redesign their wordpress site that was seeing a high percentage of downtime due to malware attacks.
Upon examining X-Officio’s existing website, it became apparent that the outdated infrastructure and lack of robust security measures were contributing to the persistent malware attacks and frequent downtime. With a goal to mitigate these challenges and provide a secure and reliable online platform, VICI collaborated closely with the X-Officio team to explore various alternatives.

New WordPress website with Robust Server​

After careful consideration and consultation, the decision was made to develop a new WordPress site hosted on a separate server. VICI’s team meticulously coordinated with the entire X-Officio team to ensure a seamless transition from the old platform to the new one. The new site was designed to preserve the simplicity and essence of the original design while incorporating advanced security features that reflect the latest standards of 2023.




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