SpokenHere Trade Show Advertisement

SpokenHere – Bridging language barriers in healthcare with precision and compassion.


In an endeavor to enhance intercultural communication within the healthcare sector, VICI adeptly crafted a half-page trade show advertisement for SpokenHere, a leader in multilingual and HIPAA-compliant interpreting and translation services. This project showcased our ability to integrate essential information with an appealing visual design, conveying SpokenHere’s mission of breaking down language barriers in healthcare. The advertisement emphasized their proficiency in over 300 languages and commitment to compassionate, culturally competent service, ensuring it resonated with healthcare providers seeking reliable communication solutions for their diverse patient populations.

Key Project Highlights

  • Emphasized SpokenHere’s extensive language support capabilities, highlighting their proficiency in over 300 languages and HIPAA compliance, which are critical for their target healthcare audience.
  • Created an inviting and informative layout that combines impactful headlines like “We Love Languages” with detailed service descriptions, enhancing both readability and engagement.
  • Successfully conveyed the importance of cultural competence and empathetic patient care through strategic copywriting, which has been instrumental in fostering connections between healthcare providers and patients.
  • The advertisement’s call to action directed viewers to SpokenHere’s website, effectively driving potential clients to learn more about their services and ultimately, fostering greater client engagement.

This demonstrates VICI’s proficiency in delivering targeted and effective advertising solutions that not only meet the aesthetic values of the client but also their strategic communication needs.


Language Services


Tomball, Texas, USA


Advertisement Design and Strategy


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