Client & Problem

Migrate and Rebrand without losing subscribers

The founder of Air Medical Group Assist contacted us last year with a multi-pronged task with a tighter than usual deadline. The task: Fix and rebrand the current WordPress website while using the same theme. Second, make the dashboard more customer service friendly and finally they wanted the member to self manage their account right from the website. We needed to have everything complete for the NBAA|BACE Conference in a few weeks.

oneworld heli


AMGA (now OneWorld) is a subscription based website that requires recurring payment collection from members yearly. After reviewing the current site we identified the main issues wih the site and immediately began rebuilding on a separate server. This allowed us to freely build the new website without interuption. With new branding, copy and updated images we were able to create a new website at a fraction of the cost of developing from scratch.


We launched the updated website one week before the tradeshow to work out any bugs before the premiere. The owner’s of OneWorld are seeing a rise in memberships and the customer service calls have lowered with the new self serve features added to the account management pages. We are excited to work with OneWorld on a number of follow up projects that include. GPS location, Digital membership cards and member mugration of the current AMGA members.

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